San Diego weather here!!

dry sunny and warm again. what could be better in november.
still pretty colors on the trees.
a few things I make–
skin solace- a rich face and hand cream, all natural and organic- seriously you could eat it although it would be kind of bland
Rudy balm–a salve for itchy skin, bug bites, hot spots on your dogs, chapped lips, I even have a friend who uses it for athletes foot. it’s o. k. if your dog licks it off. its all natural and made with organic ingredients
the balm– an all purpose first aid salve for minor burns, skin abrasions and new tattoos. all natural/organic


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  1. Usha Katir
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 23:05:30

    Hi Karen!

    Great site! Hey, I did not know about this that you do. Seva gave me the salts for hot flashes (Tank you 🙂 btw ), but I did not know about all of this other stuff! How do we buy? I want the stuff for itchy skin and bites. Since we have had the goats back i have become sensitive to straw hay and when i come back in from the shed “barn” i get welts. I’ll look around more to see how to buy.

    Meanwhile, i bet Steve is enjoying the sun here. It is a gorgeous day here. You let me know if he needs or wants anyting, ok? I am going to catch a feral cat (Saturday night) and get her to surgery (neuter/spay) on Sunday AM, -Inbetween times are good for visiting and deliveries. What are some of his favorite things? OK, besides surfing….


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