Its getting chilly!

we put the garden to bed and harvested the last peppers and cauliflower. we still have kale. what fun it’s been eating out of our garden.
here’s a great cauliflower recipe;
-chop/slice a head of cauliflower
-toss with olive oil and your favorite spice blend (we used an Indian blend)
-spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet
-bake at 375-400 degree until lightly brown on the edges- approx. 20-30 minutes
it’s so tasty this way and as far temp. goes- it’s very flexible so you can easily bake a meatloaf, casserole or whatever at the same time.

it’s fall and time to boost your immune system. try using onions, garlic, ginger and warming spices like cinnamon and cayenne in your cooking. toss a piece of astragulus root in your soups, rice and pastas. this wonderful herb is great for the cold and flu season, helping boost your immune system and giving you the strength to fight off those nasty little buggers. it’s very bland in flavor- such a useful herb.
dress warm-especially important to keep your core warm. yes, mom was right!
get out and get some fresh air (in your warm coat!)
don’t forget to nap!!
anyone out there ever tinctured propolis? I’m going to give it a try but don’t know if I should just make a standard tincture or do I need to do anything different?


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  1. Amy Culbertson
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 19:50:48

    Karen, have you ever tried fig leaf tea? I saw a vendor selling dried fig leaves for tea in a farmers’ market in Albuquerque; he claimed it was effective in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. Since I have three fig trees, I did some internet research and found legit studies that indicate both claims may be true.

    So I went out and picked some leaves, chopped them up and steeped them. I was dubious about how the result might taste, but it was quite pleasant — mild, with an aroma and flavor reminiscent of coconut and vanilla. I have been drinking it iced, sometimes mixed with hibiscus tea (jamaica). I like it quite a bit and have been consuming large quantities. We’ll see if there’s any change on my next cholesterol test.



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