Welcome to my intermittent posts!

Just a bit of backround info on myself:

I have been interested in alternative ways to heal and stay healthy for 20 plus years.  I spent many years on my own reading and trying different herbs, supplements etc. on myself, family, pets and the friends who were interested. My life took a turn when I moved to San Diego 13 years ago.  After living on a sailboat for 5 plus years ( a whole different story) we moved to the Ocean Beach neighborhood and I found my first teachers.  I attended the Self Heal School of Herbal Studies  completing their classroom and clinical programs.  John Finch and Jane Richmond showed me a new way to live—very eye opening and a lot of hard work but truly wonderful.  I met some of the best women at their school. As well as western herbs, we studied aromatherapy, nutrition, flower essences, preparations and energy healing.

Next on my search for herbal knowledge I attended Rosemary Gladstar’s apprenticeshsip program and completed her course work. Again meeting some amazing women and learning so much. Sage Mountain, the site of her retreat/school is truly a magical place.

So, at this point I hope to post occasional bits about my gardening, herbal plant use and things I made with plants.  We also have bee hives (our first year) so am looking forward to using honey, beeswax, bee pollen and hopefully propolis in some of my creams, salves and tinctures.

Maybe bits on our travels…we love to travel.   Oh yes, and there are the pets, you may hear some pet stories along the way.

If you are reading this, thanks and check in now and then….

Peace, karen


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  1. td
    Aug 05, 2010 @ 05:23:59

    Love you!


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